Have you ever felt like you are being strangulated even when no physical hand is at your throat?

Have you ever felt like your dreams are all fading away before your very eyes and if you don’t do something fast, you will lose them forever?

Do you have this burning desire in you to be much more because you know you can be?

I know how you feel because this was me in 2014,this was the year these feelings hit its climax and I knew I either rescue myself fast or I lose it!

I am a wife and mother of 2 handsome sons who went on a self-rescue mission in 2014…While I was pregnant for my second son i was working as a medical laboratory scientist in a teaching hospital 45 minutes’ drive away from my town of residence and I had a 3 years old at home to go to daily, this was exhausting working an 8 to 4 job and traveling a bad road heavily pregnant so I told myself I needed to gain time freedom.


I saw this Facebook post about a network marketing business but being in the beauty industry I didn’t think I could especially because I am an introvert but my why was stronger, I needed time freedom to pursue the things I love while creating financial freedom.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to build this business but I took the uncertain step, I dived in and that’s why I love to motivate people to do same. I took my business to social media, built friendship on Facebook and that way I started building my business

Today I am a top leader in my company, I have published a new book because of time freedom, I am picking up my music passion and I am helping others dive in to become a much better version of themselves.

Time for family is priceless as I can watch my kids grow and hear them say all the funny things they say.

Network marketing is a much better way, entrepreneurship is awesome.

It’s awesome having you here, I hope you take the dive in message if you haven’t, I look forward to helping you in anyway possible.

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