The Birthing Process…… 

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November 16, 2017

The Birthing Process…… 

Its a beautiful thing when a lady brings forth life, a tiny little human who will grow to be celebrated but we forget the process to this Birthing and that’s what I want us to talk about in relation to your dreams and network marketing


 First is partnership: A lady cannot be pregnant without a partner,she will do bulk of the work for 9months and beyond but a very important thing must happen…… Pick a partner(the man) and this is where you pick a goal, dream a dream, set a target, grab an opportunity!!

Count the cost: Every lady knows what she is going into getting pregnant, she knows her body will change, her appetite will be altered, her shape will be altered, she might keep throwing up, she might get really really dark and fat and she will need to push, all these are not palatable but she knows that is the cost to birth that precious life so she takes it, she is aware alot can go wrong in pregnancy and delivery but she hopes for the best because what can come out of it is too much to stop her, she dreams of been called a mother, of being taken care of in her old age, watching her baby take first few steps and just says “am ready, I want to be pregnant”…..

 Take action: That you have a husband doesn’t mean you get pregnant, you need to copulate for pregnancy to happen…. This is the action. Alot set goals, set targets, dream dreams, grab an opportunity and then fold their arms, the best of opportunity will fail in your hands if you fail to copulate with it, if you fail to work it

 Nuturing: After taking in, a lady knows that she needs to be pregnant for 9 months, she knows that her baby bump might not start showing till 4 months,5 months and that doesn’t mean she isn’t pregnant because she knows the changes going on in her body, people might not see but she feels it and so she keeps nurturing, attending antenatal, eating the right food, sleeping the right way, doing what’s best to birth a healthy baby, she doesn’t stop for 9 months, she doesn’t wait for anyone to tell her too or force her too, the end result self motivates her

 Delivery: The delivery time is the hardest for most, it’s the time they scream, they cry, they go naked, they grab things with their might but still don’t give up, they pray and keep pushing, they don’t stop because there must be a bringing forth,they give themselves no choice at all but to keep pushing till the child is out. The baby come

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