I am woken is a 30 days guide to help people have the daily dose they need to take charge of their day, I usually say if you can take charge of your life,you can fulfill purpose.
Daily people go out and encounter a lot of negativity people and still battle with the inner self telling them they are good enough but with a daily dose of inspiration,one can step out daily and be in charge and I believe what you do and hear daily for some days will become a habit,it will become ones belief.
This book will transform lives and give the push needed to become vision seers, action takers and dream crushers. It will awaken the giant within and help a lot reach deep within to get the strength needed to fulfill their dreams.


Sharon Ifepariola Adegboye is the founder of Dive In Academy, a free facebook community being built to give mostly free network marketing coaching and life coaching services.

She’s the leader of The Freedom Tribe(TFT) which is a team she leads in her network marketing company that has helped her by giving her the audience to fulfill one of her purposes on earth which is to inspire people to become better version of self, leave comfort zone,take uncertain steps and fulfill their God given purpose.

She believes her life is meant to be used to help others live a better life so she freely shares her journey in life. She loves to write, two of her published books are The Waiting Period and Through It all. She is a lover of God, a wife to her first love Shola Francis Adegboye and they are blessed with two sons.


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