2 takeaways from my new Sapphire director tittle

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November 16, 2017
The Birthing Process…… 
November 16, 2017

2 takeaways from my new Sapphire director tittle

Last month I closed a new tittle in my network marketing company,loved ones have been celebrating me and making posts, am grateful but here are 2 lessons I want to point out

For a whole year I haven’t closed any tittle since the last one I closed in September 2016(I grew my earnings though). I got back from Denmark in 2016 and I just felt I should build my network marketing career(the reason some of you follow me today) and since I went into network marketing mostly for time freedom I had to pause building my network marketing business actively, i did this for 5 months then started building my business back in January….. Today to his glory I am a Sapphire director


We have choices in life and the choices we make has effect on our lives. … You can decide to say I will build this business, build this dream or say I can’t build this business, I can’t do this and quit….. I made a choice to pause building and I got the result which is not growing tittles wise, I also got the result I wanted in my network marketing career because I built that…… Like I always tell my team, it’s not possible to work and not see results, it’s GIGO garbage in garbage out……… WHAT CHOICE ARE YOU MAKING TODAY? it will affect your years to come just like mine.

Delay isn’t denial, for those of you reading right now and really working consistently, doing the right things but result isn’t forthcoming yet, don’t give up, keep watering, the harvest will come…. You might see others flying and you think it’s time to quit, no its not, know what you want and stay focused, your result will be like magic and some will term you “just lucky”. I had some say “she says she is a coach, doing video here and there, why isn’t she closing tittles”?, I knew the kind of results what I teach can produce but I just had to focus on my career first without being tempted to stop and build my business just to proof a point…. Don’t loose focus to proof a point… Don’t quit, DELAY ISN’T DENIAL UNTIL YOU DENY YOURSELF BY QUITTING/LOOSING FOCUS

Thanks to my team, my family and you all, you inspire me to do more….

SEE you all at the top.

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